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"My wife and I had the pleasure of having three massages each over the course of our vacation with Judit.

We regularly get massages when we are home, but our experience with Judit was nothing less than spectacular and notable compared against the services we get at home. Judit brought a sense of tranquility to our beachfront cottage upon arrival, and what we experienced while "in her hands" was not only relaxing but also technically unparalleled. We both felt that she made every effort to sooth our pain and did so in a way that involved the surroundings, the music, the sound of the waves upon the beach and her hands were almost fluid like on our bodies.

We would highly recommend her services and very much look forward to seeing her again on our next St. John trip next year." 

David Gerasin


"My friends and I contact Judit on each visit to St John for a home visit massage. She is wonderful and we feel like a million bucks when she is done. The convenience of the in home visit is great and very relaxing. Highly recommend her!"

Angie Segiel


"Judit Child is a master massage therapist, offering each client a uniquely personal massage that is just what is needed that day.

She doesn't work from rote but feels your body and energy and responds from her vast skill set of modalities, knowledge, experience and most importantly, her sensitivity and caring.  Her special quality of listening allows her to be precise in her touch-- discovering and releasing pockets of tension or tightness -- as well as sweeping in her movements, which leads to profound relaxation.

For many years now, I have made an annual visit to Judit to receive her massages and never once have I been disappointed.  I always feel like Judit has put me back together and at the same time, opened me up in just the right way.

I guarantee that after a massage with Judit you will feel physically integrated, mentally relaxed and overall, more balanced -- realigned, restored, relaxed and renewed."  

Cyndi Lee 

Founder and Director – OM Yoga Center, NYC


"Judit Child has magical, healing hands. My neck and back are especially grateful to Judit -- I recommend her wholeheartedly."

Daniel Goleman PhD



“In an area where there is much competition, Omega Institute considers Judit’s massages to be among the best! She is gifted in her ability to give unique, deeply satisfying personal attention to each of her clients.”

Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D.

Co-founder, Omega Institute


"Strong, but refined” – Caneel Bay guest

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